Thursday, October 9, 2008

By Chlorine

so... my friend here is rambling about his algebra 2 teacher (SCHOOL IS OUT)... anyways... i personally had her for geometry honors back in freshmen year and thought she was pretty nice until my friend had her for algebra 2. So let me give you a obscure picture about her.

Picture a prune or a raisin that's be barbecued, slapped with a shitload of butter, shitted on and still not treated with botox. Toss that with hair that only tend to grow on elephant scrotums, then you have the skin quality of the math teacher. o literally, she looks like a pile of camelshit with a couple of eyeballs. When she talks, she sounds like sperm whales having sex with a freaking submarine. But all in all, she's unfair...


Hells yeah my school year is off to a really great start. im actually up to my neck now in school related activities but hey im actually having alot of fun. Most of my time now is spent on homework and do secretary stuff for Film Club but im starting to enjoy my busy schedule. The only problem is that i dont really have internet access at my house so i do most of my emailing at the public library here in TC.
I think the only problem i have nowadays is waking up at 5:45 every morning to get ready for school (except for wednesdays when i start school at 9:06). Im also connecting with alot of people who are in the same clubs im in also.
SATs are gonna be in December for me because i missed the deadlines for the september and november ones HAHA yeah im pretty pathetic arent i? But that just gives me alot of time to prepare for it so im hoping for at least a 2000.
anyways hope to write soon if im busy.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Junior Year Schedule

Period 1 Chemistry with Mr. Stranske
Period 2 Precalculus with Mr. Tomasulo
Period 3 English 3 with Mrs. Herman
Period 4 United States History with Mrs. Kidd
Period 5 Mandarin 2 with Mrs. Zheng
Work at Lunchshelter
Period 6 Weight Training with Mr. Woolery
Period 7 Art 1 with Ms. Hook

Clubs : Future Business Leaders of America
Model United Nations
Film Club (secretary position)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Dang summer sure has passed by really quickly this year. haha i really dont have much of a life this year because i still have SAT classes at elite to go to but the good this is that i get to unwind at tennis. if you would like to put it that way. but yeah not much is happening right now except that and the occassional hang out at the mall with one or two of my friends.
Church has kept me a little bit busier than usuall. we had a car wash last month to help pay for some of the kids who couldnt pay for the camping trip. i didnt go on the trip but it felt pretty good that i got to help out some of the people. and there were a couple of beach trips i went to. I met some really great people there and i did a little bit of bonding :/ but i did meet this really cool girl named michelle and her friend shannon. plus a couple more people i did not usually see at church on sundays.
My cousins from texas are coming over this saturday and they're gonna be staying for a week. hopefully a little longer. i havent seen them since last summer. haha wish i could keep up with the name "daily Ramblings" but i havent had accenss to a computer long enough to actually type out a couple of paragraphs. keep you up to date with family stuff next week.

Monday, June 30, 2008


hooray! summer has finally started and SAT classes start in about 2 hours and i am really bored. well, the last couple of weeks have been really busy and i really havent had any chance to write anything but anyways. as it turns out i must retake algebra two this year. the teacher absolutely abhors me and i am not kidding anyone. some people say that their teachers hate them and stuff but i cannot fathom the depths of this woman's hatred. its really not that hard to explain. i talk she punishes. and punishes she does. in the end i was moved to another class and i still had to do all of her crap she calls work. and in the end of the end, she deliberately gives my the honors algebra 2 final not the regular one i was supposted to take. that bitch.

but there is really nothing i or the administration could do about it because she is retireing this year and firing her would be the same thing. but whatever i got better things to do than worry about this but my chances of getting into irvine are plumetting faster than her fat saggy ass can fall off the roof of her trailer retirement home. but there has been alot of more interesting stuff going on mainly that my summer is going to be much busier this year than last year. thank god for that. besides my rounds of sat classes, i have the summer school class starting up in a couple of weeks. violin lessons might be starting in the near future. church trips to the beach are gonna start up next sunday.

P.S my algebra 2 teacher's name is ehh... who the hell gives a rat's ass about that faggot

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Yup my wrist is broken. stupid? yeah.
The worst part about it is that it take forever to heal by some process called bone knitting. and it takes longer to do than with another bone like... lets say a broken arm because the wrist has 8 bones and they're pretty damn small. so the process takes longer than other bones. and i look like a total idiot in classes because i had it in a brace... note brace not cast for weeks and i've missed enough Orchestra class to get me kicked out. and yet so far i can only write and nothing else. i cant play my violin, play tennis, the works.
for all you kind, caring people who are reading this and are wondering how i got into this posotion in the first place, i'll give it quick and simple. DARK ROAD. FUNKY SHAPED ROAD, rocks, and a crappy sense of balance. yeah i just lost some dignity there.
oh well hopefully it'll get better soon. talk to all you bitches later (whoever is reading this)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Daily Three Words and Other Stuff

I'm gonna start off my posts with a three word sent. about whats on my mind.
i say a video on youtube the other day with people writing 3 word messages like "i love You", "stop the War" and so on.


oh by the way, if anyone is reading this, you should add your own messages too!

oh if anyone here uses facebook, they came up with a totally cool app. its called three words. where a person starts off a story with three words and everyone else can cont. by adding their three words to it. its really cool, you guys should check it out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


WOW its been way too long again! as usuall school's been keeping me on my toes, finals we're last week and i think i acutally failed biology this year :O. not the best news ever, but Tet is coming up. If you guys dont know what i'm talking about, Tet is the Vietnamese version of Chinese New Year. Which means i still get money, food, more money and a big family reunion. Its actually pretty fun because most of my family head over to Little Saigon, which is the biggest gathering of Viet people, like ChinaTown. Hopefully we can got to the big festival at the park over there. Hope to keep You guys posted... whoevers reading this :]