Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Yup my wrist is broken. stupid? yeah.
The worst part about it is that it take forever to heal by some process called bone knitting. and it takes longer to do than with another bone like... lets say a broken arm because the wrist has 8 bones and they're pretty damn small. so the process takes longer than other bones. and i look like a total idiot in classes because i had it in a brace... note brace not cast for weeks and i've missed enough Orchestra class to get me kicked out. and yet so far i can only write and nothing else. i cant play my violin, play tennis, the works.
for all you kind, caring people who are reading this and are wondering how i got into this posotion in the first place, i'll give it quick and simple. DARK ROAD. FUNKY SHAPED ROAD, rocks, and a crappy sense of balance. yeah i just lost some dignity there.
oh well hopefully it'll get better soon. talk to all you bitches later (whoever is reading this)