Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Been Too Long

Its been quite some time! UI've been really busy recently and I haven't really updated anything in a while. Anyways, the Berkeley trip was really fun. Too bad I stopped posting after the third committee meeting. I was the only one in the group that actually went to the closing ceremony that day. The ceremony was alright. Except I happened to sit next to the group from Mira Cosa High School. I swear i have never seen another bunch of humorless people. They were all serious and stuff. I liked the ones that were in my committee. But yeah, they were pretty cold.

After everything was over, we went to an Ethiopian restaurant called Finfine. It was the first time I tried that kind of food. It was actually pretty good! You eat everything with your fingers with these bread things. I thought they were towels when they first came out. Smart huh? anyways the stuff tasted like sourdough bread only it was unleavened.

Overall I thought that the food there was extremely delicious and if anyone is in the Berkeley area, please come to this restaurant.

After, we headed back to the hotel, packed and headed to the airport. We happened to see Edyta from Dancing With The Stars and Ms. Park went nuts! No Kidding

Since then, I've added the people I've become friends with on Facebook but haven't really talked to anyone recently.