Thursday, February 7, 2008

Daily Three Words and Other Stuff

I'm gonna start off my posts with a three word sent. about whats on my mind.
i say a video on youtube the other day with people writing 3 word messages like "i love You", "stop the War" and so on.


oh by the way, if anyone is reading this, you should add your own messages too!

oh if anyone here uses facebook, they came up with a totally cool app. its called three words. where a person starts off a story with three words and everyone else can cont. by adding their three words to it. its really cool, you guys should check it out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


WOW its been way too long again! as usuall school's been keeping me on my toes, finals we're last week and i think i acutally failed biology this year :O. not the best news ever, but Tet is coming up. If you guys dont know what i'm talking about, Tet is the Vietnamese version of Chinese New Year. Which means i still get money, food, more money and a big family reunion. Its actually pretty fun because most of my family head over to Little Saigon, which is the biggest gathering of Viet people, like ChinaTown. Hopefully we can got to the big festival at the park over there. Hope to keep You guys posted... whoevers reading this :]