Monday, June 30, 2008


hooray! summer has finally started and SAT classes start in about 2 hours and i am really bored. well, the last couple of weeks have been really busy and i really havent had any chance to write anything but anyways. as it turns out i must retake algebra two this year. the teacher absolutely abhors me and i am not kidding anyone. some people say that their teachers hate them and stuff but i cannot fathom the depths of this woman's hatred. its really not that hard to explain. i talk she punishes. and punishes she does. in the end i was moved to another class and i still had to do all of her crap she calls work. and in the end of the end, she deliberately gives my the honors algebra 2 final not the regular one i was supposted to take. that bitch.

but there is really nothing i or the administration could do about it because she is retireing this year and firing her would be the same thing. but whatever i got better things to do than worry about this but my chances of getting into irvine are plumetting faster than her fat saggy ass can fall off the roof of her trailer retirement home. but there has been alot of more interesting stuff going on mainly that my summer is going to be much busier this year than last year. thank god for that. besides my rounds of sat classes, i have the summer school class starting up in a couple of weeks. violin lessons might be starting in the near future. church trips to the beach are gonna start up next sunday.

P.S my algebra 2 teacher's name is ehh... who the hell gives a rat's ass about that faggot