Thursday, October 9, 2008

By Chlorine

so... my friend here is rambling about his algebra 2 teacher (SCHOOL IS OUT)... anyways... i personally had her for geometry honors back in freshmen year and thought she was pretty nice until my friend had her for algebra 2. So let me give you a obscure picture about her.

Picture a prune or a raisin that's be barbecued, slapped with a shitload of butter, shitted on and still not treated with botox. Toss that with hair that only tend to grow on elephant scrotums, then you have the skin quality of the math teacher. o literally, she looks like a pile of camelshit with a couple of eyeballs. When she talks, she sounds like sperm whales having sex with a freaking submarine. But all in all, she's unfair...


Hells yeah my school year is off to a really great start. im actually up to my neck now in school related activities but hey im actually having alot of fun. Most of my time now is spent on homework and do secretary stuff for Film Club but im starting to enjoy my busy schedule. The only problem is that i dont really have internet access at my house so i do most of my emailing at the public library here in TC.
I think the only problem i have nowadays is waking up at 5:45 every morning to get ready for school (except for wednesdays when i start school at 9:06). Im also connecting with alot of people who are in the same clubs im in also.
SATs are gonna be in December for me because i missed the deadlines for the september and november ones HAHA yeah im pretty pathetic arent i? But that just gives me alot of time to prepare for it so im hoping for at least a 2000.
anyways hope to write soon if im busy.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Junior Year Schedule

Period 1 Chemistry with Mr. Stranske
Period 2 Precalculus with Mr. Tomasulo
Period 3 English 3 with Mrs. Herman
Period 4 United States History with Mrs. Kidd
Period 5 Mandarin 2 with Mrs. Zheng
Work at Lunchshelter
Period 6 Weight Training with Mr. Woolery
Period 7 Art 1 with Ms. Hook

Clubs : Future Business Leaders of America
Model United Nations
Film Club (secretary position)