Saturday, February 28, 2009

Committee Conference #3

Okay so I just got back from lunch and the third committee conference has started. We've begun discussing the resolutions in the formal caucus. I'm not sure what the next plan of action is going to be yet but i'm pretty sure that we are going to be voting on the resolutions next. I'm a little groggy from all the food I just ate (Calamari and grilled skirt steak from Blake's). 

The conference is going to last until around 5.30 today and the Delegate dance is going to be tonight. Aaron doesn't want to go for some reason but I'm going to try to get him to go. 

Anyways, many of the resolutions on the floor right now are very innovative and unique and its really cool. 

All the resolutions just passed. I really don't know how that happened but it did. we're moving onto our next topic "The Global Problem of Street Children". The speakers list has just reopened and I am number 24. Now I have to make some changes to my speech to fit the new 1 minute 30 second time requirement.

United Nations Committee Session #2

wow this is really cool. I was just able to connect to the UC Berkeley internet a while back (thanks Hugo!!) anyways our topic for discussion right now is "Childhood Education in the African Conflict Regions" there are a lot of well versed people here so the debates are very informational. Anyways we're almost dome with the speakers list and we're about to send up the resolutions soon. I'm a sponsor of the US resolution but I'm also a signatory for the Russian, Argentine and  

I'll keep you guys updated and I'm still working towards reimporting all of my lost blog posts from facebook. 

Haha omg my life sucks

me and my smart self just deleted all of my posts =.= for some reason 14 of them were saved thank god. okay i'll try to get them back somehow.

Friday, February 27, 2009

6.11 AM
Hey im on my way to the airport right now. I woke up at about 430 this morning. All of us just met a while back at the high school and im in tinnychan's car right now. We should reach the airport in about an hour.

6.17 AM
We're kind of lost right now. We took the wrong fork at huntington. Were trying to find route 66 right now. :p

6.52 AM
Whee we reached the airport! Haha this is the first time Ive been to one since i was like three :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heading to BMUN!!!!

I'm really excited for the model United Nations Trip to the UC Berkeley conference this Friday. We meet at school at about 6 am at the high school. And we should be arriving at the airport at 7 and our flight should be about 8 am. 

Only 3 more days. i'll try to keep you updated asap.