Thursday, August 7, 2008


Dang summer sure has passed by really quickly this year. haha i really dont have much of a life this year because i still have SAT classes at elite to go to but the good this is that i get to unwind at tennis. if you would like to put it that way. but yeah not much is happening right now except that and the occassional hang out at the mall with one or two of my friends.
Church has kept me a little bit busier than usuall. we had a car wash last month to help pay for some of the kids who couldnt pay for the camping trip. i didnt go on the trip but it felt pretty good that i got to help out some of the people. and there were a couple of beach trips i went to. I met some really great people there and i did a little bit of bonding :/ but i did meet this really cool girl named michelle and her friend shannon. plus a couple more people i did not usually see at church on sundays.
My cousins from texas are coming over this saturday and they're gonna be staying for a week. hopefully a little longer. i havent seen them since last summer. haha wish i could keep up with the name "daily Ramblings" but i havent had accenss to a computer long enough to actually type out a couple of paragraphs. keep you up to date with family stuff next week.