Thursday, February 17, 2011

Midterms, papers, projects oh my

I've got a midterm for my comp sci 8 class in approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, problem is, haven't studied for it all week. You see, I had a midterm for S.E Asian Literature (which i was 40 minutes late to because my alarm didn't go off)and a 3 page paper for my Shakespeare class and on top of that, an 18x20 inch drawing for my art class that was due on monday (did not finish) school is going to the shit, but its only halfway through the quarter, im sure i can redeem myself later, gotta get on top of shit ASAP, cant wait for my church's retreat this weekend, and my friends amy and annie's birthdays next week as well, gotta start contacting people for annie's the plan under control just need to spread the word out. blah so busy its not even funny. wish me luck on that midterm!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

hooray for today

All is good in the world. My shakespeare lecture got cancelled, im kicking it with my friend amy and the sun is shining. Rather stressed about my south east asian lit midterm and my shakepeare paper that are both happening on tuesday. But thats what the weekend is for right?

Been praying to the Lord like hella crazy this week, and he answered all of them.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update from UCR

Been more than a year since I've posted on Blogger. Kind of weird being able to do this again. Been exploring different blogging websites recently.

College is exhausting, every single day is a whirl of stuff. I'm constantly kept busy with one thing or another, if it is not school then it is fellowship, if not my fellowship then its a drama plot or another. College was not as I thought it was going to be. I came in thinking that it was going to be kind of like an ivory tower where I didnt have to deal with all the petty bullshit from high school. But since coming here, I've been involved with more drama than I can handle. Im not asking for it, but it just keeps coming and coming in waves, Swear to god that my res hall is slowly turning into a twisted version of Big Brother. I mean, shove a ton of teenagers into a single point, where they have to eat, sleep and live together for a whole year and shit is bound to happen.

I personally have my fellowship and friends to keep me sane, it gives me a chance to get out of that environment. Interestingly enough, some of my best friends now are people that I've met through the smoke shack, but even that comes at a price at my sanity at times, but I'm glad that I'm able to find a set group of friends instead of being a social butterfly that I was back in high school. Sometimes I wonder though if my personality allowed me to be more reclusive or antisocial that i would or would not have more drama to deal with. Just go to school, come home, study, sleep. That sounds pretty good at this point. I guess now I'm just rambling on now. Not been getting enough sleep recently. LOL I had a 12 cup jar of extra sweetened coffee last night. Didnt go to sleep til 4 yesterday because my roommate was playing RUNESCAPE yes, runescape til then, all i could hear was click click click click fucking click. Try falling asleep to that when you're strung up on caffine. Not very fun.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Been way too long since i posted anything. anyways an update on me, im a senior now, ive applied to my colleges, found a passion for art over the summer and have been drawing nonstop since then. Seriously stressed out too. school is a pain in the ass. anyways, hope to add something worthwhile soon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lublae Thai Cuisine

I love Thai food, and when I saw Lublae near the Rosemead Target, I knew I had to try the food there sometime. My chance came last Sunday when my aunt decided to take my mother, my cousin and I for dinner. I immediately suggested Lublae and since they have never tried Thai food before, I thought I'd get them to try it.

When we walked inside, we were greeted by a waitress and were led to our table. The restaurant was quite empty except for a few families. The ambiance was very relaxing and we immediately felt relaxed.

The menu is that of a typical Thai restaurant; different types of currys, rice dishes, and noddles. We decided on three dishes: Spicy Fried Rice, Pad See Ew, and their famous Pad Thai. I thought the Pad See Ew was typical of any Thai restaurant. But the Spicy Fried Rice was very delicious, soft and a very interesting mix of flavors. We ordered all of the food with beef, which I thought was well cooked and full of flavors, although it could be a little bit softer.

The Pad Thai was something else, I'm personally used to the cheap kinds that you get from take out and of course, this was exceeded all expectations, no need to describe the taste except it was excellent and there was a tangy taste to it that I was not expecting.

Overall, I thought it was a good experience. The thing I would change about it would be the price. The Pad Thai was a whoping 13 dollars, the serving was about the same size as most other restaurants so I didn't think it was worth it.

I give this place a 4.5 for food, 4 for ambiance and a 4 for service.

Address: 3684 Rosemead Boulevard
Rosemead CA. 91770

Phone: 626.572.7711


Friday, May 22, 2009

Temple City High

The end of semester is nearing and I think that I have grown much as a person. I guess you can say that this is a reflection of some sorts on how I have changed since its beginning. 

Academically, I didn't do as well as first semester. My grade point average has gone down about .3 points from a 3.8 to a 3.5. I think its because second semester is based on a lot of new materials rather than the review stuff I did back in first. 

Socially I'm kind of unsure about. Though I have been lucky to have met a plethora of new people due to school activities such as peer, I don't think I am more than an acquaintance to many of them. I don't think its because I don't care about them or don't want to hang out. Its just because I'm constantly up to my neck in school work. 

Personally, I think I have matured a little bit each day, though I'm not saying that I'm not saying I'm all grown up, I can safely say that I have grown a little more inside each day. I still have some trouble spots, I have recently been acknowledged of my arrogance and cockyness and I've been working towards fixing them. No one is perfect, but we can all strive to work towards something better than we are now.

I've begun to realize how little time I have left in TC and I've tried my best to soak in each day for what it is, every negative and positive thing about this school. I've began to appreciate TCHS a little more with every passing week and I'm glad I can be able to. 

Lots of kids are talking about how much they want to get out of school and get their lives started with. I've even caught myself doing so one or twice. But looking back at the years I've spent here with the people I've grown up with, I've noticed that my life has already started. Right here in this school.  Sure we might be in a limbo between elementary school and college, but the things we learn here are sure to affect us in the future.

So that's why I want to savor my time here, take in every second as if it were going to be my last because I want to have memories here. I'm a junior and I have less than one month before my junior year starts and three and a half when I become a senior. Time sure flies by doesn't it?

I wonder what I'll be saying here next year. Will I be ready to jump into college? Am I going to regret anything I have or have not done yet? Will I be proud of my accomplishments once I step up one the stage and take my diploma? Well, I'll just have to wait and see.


Precalc test

fml we have a precalc test today. and my life sucks.

well not really, one of my friends is back from uc berkeley for summer vacation so all is not bad. Though I have to admit school is getting to be a real bitch. It seems as if these last few weeks before school ends have drained my teachers of creativity when making assignments. Everything is gut wrenchingly boring and pointless.

Plans for the weekend: study for the math 2C test in two weeks

get peacock feathers for that art project.

hang out with the huas.