Thursday, October 25, 2007

The New Ipod Touch

With Apple's new Ipod Touch, they have now made the closest to perfection Ipod. For all you people who havent heard, the ipod touch is pretty much the IPhone, but without the phone features. you can do everything on it except call people.

Whats really inovative about the ITouch is that you can go on the internet using WiFi, use a touch screen to browse though music and download useful applications that range from movie times to blog viewing.

But dont get it mixed up with the IPhone though because they have the exact same design and look.

But the cons of this IPod is its memory, which comes in either 8 to 16Gs. now im not saying that thats not alot, but for the price range, the memory isnt so great.

Already out in stores, Im going to be getting mine's soon.

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