Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lublae Thai Cuisine

I love Thai food, and when I saw Lublae near the Rosemead Target, I knew I had to try the food there sometime. My chance came last Sunday when my aunt decided to take my mother, my cousin and I for dinner. I immediately suggested Lublae and since they have never tried Thai food before, I thought I'd get them to try it.

When we walked inside, we were greeted by a waitress and were led to our table. The restaurant was quite empty except for a few families. The ambiance was very relaxing and we immediately felt relaxed.

The menu is that of a typical Thai restaurant; different types of currys, rice dishes, and noddles. We decided on three dishes: Spicy Fried Rice, Pad See Ew, and their famous Pad Thai. I thought the Pad See Ew was typical of any Thai restaurant. But the Spicy Fried Rice was very delicious, soft and a very interesting mix of flavors. We ordered all of the food with beef, which I thought was well cooked and full of flavors, although it could be a little bit softer.

The Pad Thai was something else, I'm personally used to the cheap kinds that you get from take out and of course, this was exceeded all expectations, no need to describe the taste except it was excellent and there was a tangy taste to it that I was not expecting.

Overall, I thought it was a good experience. The thing I would change about it would be the price. The Pad Thai was a whoping 13 dollars, the serving was about the same size as most other restaurants so I didn't think it was worth it.

I give this place a 4.5 for food, 4 for ambiance and a 4 for service.

Address: 3684 Rosemead Boulevard
Rosemead CA. 91770

Phone: 626.572.7711

Website: http://www.lublaethaifood.com/index.htm

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