Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bird By Bird- Anne Lamott

Its been a couple of days since my last completed book, Solanin and I have just finished this one during Silent Sustained Reading today. This book, as the title eludes, is about writing and life. It's interesting how Anne Lamott integrated life lessons in her writing instructions. Although I began reading the book in hopes of becoming a better writer, I ended up taking some life lessons from the experience.

The book rings honest and true about the lifestyle and hardships of a writer, it dispells all the glamour of writing and how its not all that glamorous as it is cracked up to be. Anne gives light on the ups and downs of writing while using her own personal experiences to supplement all she says. I liked how she gave us glimpses of the people in her life and how they influenced her writing and life. One of my favorite sections in the book was how she said that the books she wrote were like gifts for the people who mean the most to her. Her use of humor fits in perfectly with whatever she has to say and I have had moments when I read sections and laughed out loud. And that rarely happens to me when I read nonfiction. Overall, I give props for her and I'll be searching for her other books in the coming future.

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