Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bad Bad Week

Things have been tough for the past week or so. I'm not going to go very far into the details but it involves some teacher drama and me being kicked out of AP Art History. I'm not entirely sure what is going to be in store for me in the coming days but I know its not going to be easy. Hell, what part of life isn't?

Sometimes I wonder whether the stuff that has happened to me is meant to be, maybe getting in to the class was just a motivator for me to work harder and that another door will open for me to try something else. Or maybe God gave this to me and wants me to fight to be able to keep it and be able to appreciate it more. In the end though, I'm going to fight to keep it because I believe that what has happened to me is unfair and I don't deserve to be dropped from the class. If worse comes to worse and I am dropped indefinitely, then that's what was meant to be and I'll try something else.

I have worked hard. I have put blood, sweat and tears to raise my grades and above all, to grow and mature as a person. I'm not going to go around and bitch and moan about what is happening, I'm going to take a stand and fight for what I want. Some of you might be thinking "Its only AP Art History, why are you so butthurt about this?"

Well, because I care. If I were to be dropped because I did something really inappropriate, then so be it I'll learn from my mistake and move on. But I believe that what is happening to me is unfair and unjust. If I let this off with a shrug, what will the other party think? I'll tell you what, they'll think that it is alright to do this to someone simply because they can and get away with it. I won't allow something like this to happen. Not for me, nor for anyone else after me. I'm not the kind of person that demurely sits by and watches while another does something like this to me and my future. Sure I'm Christian and the Bible teaches all of us to "turn the other cheeck", but I'd soon rip that hand out with my bare teeth than allow someone the chance to slap the other side and do it to someone else in the future.

What I did could not and should not affect me being dropped from a class. (Seriously, it was a minor electronics violation). I'm not here to make accusations. I'm merely putting my firm opinion out on the floor.

The question I have is this: Are they dropping me from the class simply because their friend advises them to do so? Or do they really, deep down in their hearts believe that what I did was so bad, so unforgivable that it merits an expulsion from a class I am more than qualified for?


  1. Since you know you're being treated unfairly, I think you're right to fight to keep your place in class. Good luck to you.


  2. Thanks for the comment. I ended up talking to the teacher about it and we decided that it was best that I didnt take the class, I'm still disappointed but I'm learning from it and I guess it helped me a great deal.

    Did you ever check out that book I recommended?