Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lesson Learned

So the other day I talked about the injustice of not being allowed into AP Art History. Well, apparently there were the other factors that contributed to it. Though I don't think they were really that important, they must have added to the problem. Most were just for eating in class, talking to friends when I got sent outside. The works.

I got a chance to talk to my facilitator in Peer Listeners and my art teacher (whom I'm really close to) and they explained that what I thought to be insignificant, they became very significant over time.

Its time that I look back at this incident with more open eyes. Though I might not agree with the other side's decision (maybe I might never will) I have begun to see the other side's issues. I learned during the talk that AP teachers are EXTREMELY stressed out though they might not seem so. They get scored on the quality and score of their students during AP testing. The material they cover are much and the difficulty very hard and they don't have the time nor the patience to control one crazy, energetic student (ahem me) from getting a classroom go nuts (which I'll admit I realize I do unintentionally) so if they get any notion that I might become a small bit of trouble, they will have to boot me out. They're only looking out for themselves.

Its not to say that this is unfair on my part (what part of life isnt?) but I feel like I should've had some kind of warning or some kind of idea of what the consequences were going to be. I would have learned or tried my best to learn from my mistakes and moved on and let it go under the bridge but I guess it will have to be remembered for the future.

The lesson I take from this is simple: don't be so self centered! be aware of the people around you and take into consideration how they would react to something what seems insignifigant to you might not seem that way to the other party. My close friend told me the other day that I have to look at both sides of the story. Learn what the other side has to say. Maybe I didn't do it perfectly, but at least I learned how to do it better this time.

So I might not have gotten into AP Art History, but at least I came off on better terms with one of the teachers and learned a new lesson and I think thats better than coming out of it on bad terms and still thinking that I was completely right. Theres really no clear cut, black and white approach to life many times, both sides is somewhat right, both sides have things that arent really commendable. I guess its time for me to move on. Now that I have and extra slot in my schedule I think I might take Begining Drafting and learn something new

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